Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fragments

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Mommy's Idea

My friend Lynn found a dancing Brobee at a thrift store and gave it to Charlie. It's his new favorite friend. He went from having absolutely zero interest in any TV to being completely enthralled with Yo Gabba Gabba! I love that show. It's not that I'm encouraging my kid to watch TV, just that having something to distract him with for 15 minutes while we make dinner is a helpful thing. That and we had a great time dancing along with Elijah Wood in the living room.

Tried a new Ben & Jerry's flavor: Boston Cream Pie. It was just ok. I've been kind of disappointed with the recent flavor rollouts, with the exception of Mud Pie. Full review to come soon.

I laugh every time I hear or see an advertisement for the cheesy movie of the summer: Piranha 3D.

"There are thousands of them! And they're pissed!"

How awesome is that?

Old Navy had a 30% off everything sale online yesterday, so I did some e-shopping and thought I was going to get Charlie's fall wardrobe for about $60. Not so much, because when I put in the code it turned out that it only applied to one item in my order. I was very disappointed.

I've tried to order Charlie a Star Wars lunchbox twice now, and both times my order has been canceled. I'm disappointed.

Speaking of Star Wars, I want the new R2D2 Droid phone! Too bad I have to wait another 18 months before I can get a new one.

Is Roger Clemens going to jail? I think he's a giant toolbag, almost to brett favrererere status. I think he was a great pitcher, steroids and all, but come on. Man up to the fact that you enhanced your performance. Stop being a liar. Give your kids someone they can look up to.


  1. jene! i just found a store right by where i work that sells metal star wars lunch boxes. they have tons of them! they have ones that are shaped like darth vader and r2d2! they have ones with the real movie pictures and ones with more cartoony pictures. in fact, i was a little disappointed i couldn't buy one for C because i thought you already got one. I'll go there today and take a picture of them and you can tell me which one to get. i don't think any of them have water bottles though. i wonder if i could buy a little one separately?

    ....they also have a metal yankees lunch box!

  2. I always get caught up in the so much% off everything, and then they take it off one item and it's the lowest priced item anyway. Some day I WILL read the disclaimers.

  3. Only off one item? That totally sucks!

  4. Our friend Mrs. 4444 sent me over via Friday Fragments (I play on my Everyday Mommy blog) -- I think I've stopped by before but I wasn't sure you would like a Red Sox fan following but our mutual distaste for Roger Clemens might bond us... although a Red Sox fan has many more reasons to dislike him!

    We are all Blues Clues for our TV distraction these days... Never watched Yo Gabba Gabba.... I didn't think I'd like it .... hmmm...

    Sorry about the bad Old Navy experience... that sort of thing really annoys me!

  5. The other day I saw a metal Transformers lunchbox at Target and almost bought it for my 4 year old even though he doesn't go to school. Maybe he could just carry stuff around in it?

    That Ben & Jerry's doesn't look that appealing, are those custard streaks in it? They look weird.

  6. I just had the same experience at Penny's thought it was 20% off everything. Very disappointing! My grand babies are all about Yo Gabba Gabba and Wonderpets (I like both too)! Of course the older ones like Hannah Montana and Witches of Waverly Place..I don't think they are bad just very stupid.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. hahaha Brett Favre status--I love it!

    That Brobee thing is really cute! Yea to distractions! :)

    Good to know that Boston Cream was just okay; it'll be easier to avoid! Still, my mouth is watering...

  8. You mean to tell me that I just got a droid and there is an R2D2 one and I didn't get it??? Oh no.

    Kristin - The Goat
    by way of Friday Fragments



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