Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holy Cow

It didn't sink in until just now, when I'm hundreds of miles away and can't give him a huge bear hug, that I have a TWO YEAR OLD. Yes, I know I just blogged about his birthday, but I changed my birthday ticker over for my message board profile and did a double-take when I saw that big "3" at the end.

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

I can't freaking believe it. I'm sitting in a hotel just across the river from DC, worn out from meetings but too wired to sleep, thirsty but not willing to spend $2 on bottled water, annoyed that there is no MLB Network, and on the verge of tears because my baby isn't really a baby anymore.

I'm very tempted to walk to the gas station for some cheap wine to drown my sorrows, but there's another early-early morning in front of me followed by a loooooong day. I'm expecting to pull into my driveway right around midnight, and I fully intend to pay a visit to Charlie's room as soon as I walk in the door. I visit him on my way to bed almost every night. I look at him all sprawled out in his bed and try to picture the little burrito baby that used to take up a much smaller footprint.

I don't have to travel for work very often, but it's been almost a week since I've been home (with the exception of a very brief stay on Saturday night in between trips) and it's starting to wear on me. I think the wedding made it worse, but it was definitely worth it to celebrate with husband C's oldest and dearest friend. Oh well. 25 hours and I'll be back in my own bed. I think I deserve a late morning on Thursday and a family trip to Dunkin :)

On the bright side, this trip has reaffirmed my belief that I made the right move when I decided to take a chance on this job. There's no way that I would have been willing to be away from home this long if it was for my old company!

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