30 While 30

** Food-Related Goals **

Bake Something New Every Month

Bake a Successful Cheesecake

Try Something New Every Week - maybe not every week, but so far I've tried a few red wines (still not a fan), mushroom risotto, and Parrano cheese. Does trying the new Crispin Honeycrisp Cider count? Since then, I've added asparagus, pumpkin soup, and whiskey. I could do without the whiskey. That shit burns!

** Fitness-Related Goals **

Run a 5K in 24 minutes or less - did you know that for qualifying purposes, the Boston Marathon rounds your time DOWN to the minute? Which means that I technically met this goal in the Warrior Run on 10/8/11. Details coming soon!

Do an Unassisted Pull-Up

Yoga Once a Week - so far, so good! and my back is very thankful for it

** Hobby-Related Goals **

Sew Something - Complete! See the Jedi robe here.

Read the Classics - in the middle of both The Invisible Man and Jane Eyre

Learn how to Dance (Anything!)

Start to Re-Learn Conversational French

Learn to Crochet

** Cleaning and Organizing Goals **

Commission a T-Shirt Quilt

Purge Some of the Crap in the Basement

** Personal Goals **

Call the Fashion Police - My friend Sara has committed to helping me shop for fall and winter clothes. I have a budget and a plan, and I'm excited!

Wear a Skirt (or something other than my black pants/solid shirt collection) to Work Once a Week - I have a new shirt, but it's not very far outside of the box. Fail.

Wear Makeup More Often


Start Family Histories - have a date set with Grandma Julie for Christmas!

Start Scanning Old Pictures

Make a Wedding Photo Album

Create Photobooks

Take Steps Toward Finishing my PhD - I'm back in school!

Have a Boudoir Photo Session - Done! Thanks again, Sara!

** Other Stuff I Want to Do **

Cincinnati Brewery Tour

Take a Friday Afternoon Off Every Month for Lunch and Date with Husband C - coming next week, when we'll be seeing Moneyball

Visit the Contemporary Arts Center

Visit and Hike in Red River Gorge

Go to a Concert (it's been a long time!)

Learn how to Climb Trees

Go to an Astronomy Night at the Cincinnati Observatory


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