Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things You Want - Yo Gabba Gabba! Edition

Things You Want Wednesday is on Tuesday, because I'll be out of town at a super-awesome-conference in Chicago tomorrow. Whee!

In an effort to find something to watch at 6:00 on Saturday mornings that ISN'T Star Wars, I DVRed a few episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba!, hoping that it would buy me 20 minutes or so to actually wake up and become a functioning adult. Also hoping that it would distract Charlie from his cheddar bunnies in the pantry. Because nothing says "breakfast!" like 30 white cheddar crackers, and I'm too unmotivated to actually make anything until about 6:30. Even then it's risky.

So we tried Yo Gabba Gabba!. Charlie seems more interested in it than any of the other kid shows. He'll actually watch it for a few minutes, dance around the room while they're dancing, and wave his hands and talk to the monsters. It's a good distraction, but he's still mostly indifferent to it.

I, on the other hand, am completely addicted.

I love DJ Lance. I love that the first episode I taped included Jack Black as the Dancey Dance Guest of the Week. I love that the filler graphics include old-school Nintendo look-alike games. When I did some more research on the show and found out that it was created by two members of The Aquabats, I loved that, too.

I saw them what feels like a million years ago when they opened for Goldfinger. I had an Aquabats sticker on my first POS car, the unpainted chevy station wagon. Good times.

I love the music, and I love the dancing, and I love the characters. Even though it's a kid show, I kind of feel like it was made specifically for my generation of parents. The ones who grew up listening to Biz Markie (who also appears regularly on the show, with Biz's Beat of the Day!) and doing bad things in high school. I love that Weezer and Tony Hawk and Elijah Wood and Andy Samberg and Anthony Bourdain have all made guest star appearances. I love that they sing about the "Party in My Tummy," because that song is awesome and gets stuck in your head and then you sing it all the time and it annoys your husband.

The sad vegetables at the end is the best part! We want to go to the party - the party in your tummy :(

I think I would watch this even without a kid. He just provides me with a good excuse.


  1. I need to DVR some of these. Davis watches TV for about 30 minutes every morning with his milk while I have my coffee. Usually he watches DVR'd Mickey Mouse, but I'm tired of the Mouse even if he is not.



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