Monday, August 16, 2010

Potty Training Update

Since I don't want to be an obnoxious parent and post these updates on Facebook for the whole world to see, I'm just going to post about them here, instead. On Facebook you're bound to what the site shows you, but I'm assuming anyone who stops here is here of their own volition. So that's what you get - potty training posts.

We've been working on the whole potty training thing for a few weeks now, and while I like to feel as though we're making progress I'm just not really sure. He's still in diapers at daycare, and he goes on his "normal" schedule while he's there. At home (evenings and weekends), we put him in undies except for naps and bedtime and he goes the whole time without any accidents. We even take him out in public with undies - we do our grocery shopping, run errands, and go to the park all without the diaper for backup. And he's never peed anywhere.

So that progress sounds great, except when you look deeper it turns out that he really doesn't go AT ALL. He'll pee on the potty just before bed, and occasionally at other times during the day, but for the most part I think he's holding it until he gets a diaper. Is that even physiologically possible at this age? We have his 2 year checkup on Wednesday, so I'll definitely be asking about it then, but this isn't exactly how I was expecting things to go.

Should I just be happy that he "gets" that he's not supposed to pee in his pants?


  1. I thank you for being candid about this process so far! I'm just starting to PT G, and it's going much the same as at your house-- holding it in until the diaper is on! I hope you keep up with the PT-themed posts so you can guide me!


  2. If he's not going, that's not good, so you're smart to talk it over with his pediatrician. Good luck!

  3. Hmmm... it sounds good, but like you I would be concerned that he's not going at all. I'm interested to see what the pediatrician has to say.

  4. I have no idea, good call on asking the doctor.

    At lease he isn't peeing on everything though :o)



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