Monday, August 23, 2010

Potty Training Update, Again

I thought we were making pretty decent progress toward being fully potty trained, but this weekend was a total disaster. He didn't go on the potty a single time. He sat on it quite a bit, but after five times of Charlie calling wolf while his friends were over I let the sixth potty request go about 10 seconds too long and ended up with a mess. Then yesterday evening he asked to go potty so we ran in the bathroom and as I stuck my hand in the waistband of his pants to help him get them off a little quicker I felt the unmistakable squish of a hand that had just been plunged into, well, you know what. No need to share the details.

Anyway. It's a little discouraging, but at least both of the big failures came while we were at home, and not out and about in public. He still did ok holding it (or whatever he's doing) through a trip to the store and the mall on Saturday morning, and for our weekly park and grocery shopping outing yesterday. He even sat on the big potty at the mall, which I think is progress even though nothing came out.

Is there a potty episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!? I'm going to have to do some research.

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