Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things You Want Wednesday - A Good Photographer

Charlie's daycare center does school pictures twice a year. We haven't had the best luck with those.

To be honest, I find them somewhat reminiscent of Awkward Family Photos. Check out that site, if you haven't already, and be prepared to get sucked in for hours on end.

Thankfully, we found Steph Carson way back when we were getting married, and she has taken care of our photography issues! We treat ourselves to Charlie/family pictures once a year, and I always wait anxiously by the mailbox for the CD to arrive. We're never disappointed. So that's what you want, a good photographer to capture the emotion and character of all of your most important memories. Do I sound like a hallmark card?

I love that her photographs do such a great job at capturing the character, especially when it comes to Charlie. You can just see his excitement leaping out at you. They really are works of art.


  1. Your photog is fantastic! I have a go-to photographer, too, who happens to be a friend of mine. :) The only bad part is that she cuts me a fat discount, which means that I *always* want pictures made.

  2. Those are fabulous pictures! What a great photographer!!

    School pictures are always horrible too!

  3. We love Steph too! I can't wait until we have kids and can have her take our family shots. Of course, we'll have to move back to Cincinnati first...

  4. We're due for family/FireGirl pics, and I've been debating using Steph. Just not sure I'll be able to convince FireMan that the little bit extra expense is worth it for the quality of the pics.

  5. SO true, and Steph is definitely awesome - I always LOVE your pictures!! :)



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