Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments is brought to you by Mrs4444!

Mommy's Idea

Tonight I'm going to a massive mom's night out. More than 40 moms from an online community that I belong to are descending upon a local restaurant. Margaritas and queso dip for everyone!

Look what I found last night - Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale. OK, well maybe C found it in his Sam Adams Fall Variety Pack and then I stole it from him, but either way it was freaking tasty.

Wow, two posts and two mentions of alcohol. Think I'm a lush yet? No? Well here's a third. Not only did Woodchuck bring back their delicious Fall Cider, but they're also releasing a Pumpkin Cider this year! It's only going to a few select cities, and thankfully Cincinnati made the list. It will only be on the production line for 150 minutes! Time to start stalking the Party Source!

Ok, no more alcohol posts. Let's move on to a slightly more depressing topic. Last night I learned that all dreams do not come true. Football returned last night, and sadly, the Saints defensive line was not able to take down Favrererere and break his leg on the first play. Oh well. At least the vikings lost. Go Jets!

I found this little thing outside my garage last night.

Had no idea what it was. I didn't get a picture of the fangs, but it had two bright orange fang-like things that unrolled from what I guess was it's mouth. Can't really google "brown bug with yellow fang thingies that looks like a Pokemon." But wait! In a google image search for the Pokemon called Caterpie this little guy actually showed up! Turns out it's an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in the final stage before cocooning.

That's all the nature I need for a while.

Kitty Charlie Darwin is adjusting nicely to life in our house. He's very playful and sleeps a lot. He's also very patient with Charlie. I love hearing Charlie talk to his kitty. He automatically uses that high-pitched voice that people use when they talk to babies. It's very cute.

Our house feels so much more complete with a four legged friend running around.

I was faced with a moral dilemma this week when the red sux played Tampa Bay. I reeeeeeeally want Tampa Bay to lose every freaking game. NEED them to lose them, is probably more accurate. I just can't get past the idea of wanting the red sux to win. It's just not in my nature.

We have seven games left with Tampa and three with the red sux. I can't take it! Hoping for more of this in my life when October rolls around.

I redesigned my blog after some confusion about whether or not I was *still* pregnant. Nope. I think this picture says more about me than the old one did. Regardless of how cute the superbaby picture was, it was waaaaay out of date. Two years out of date, in fact.

Have I mentioned that I love fall weather? I hope that it's here to stay. Cool at night and perfectly pleasant during the day. No more of this 90 degrees BS, ok?


  1. LOVE your new header...and margaritas. Both made me smile this busy Friday morning! XO!

  2. I love your header too! Quite the fashionista!


    Pumpkin cider?!

    I think I need to come to Cinci.

  4. Go Yankees.

    I really want to try that beer. And I love cider. My favorite is Woodpecker Cider. Quite tasty.

  5. Your cat is adorable. And I could not agree more with your weather comment.
    Those ninety degree days made me wish for winter. Way too hot!!

  6. BTW - I love your new header. Awesome!

  7. header - so you still like riding in the shopping cart?
    Sam Adams is good beer but I would go with the Oktoberfest instead. Interesting Swallowtail find.

  8. I love fall too! I'm relieved summer's over, and it's the start of the next season. My husband's not too excited about all the crap that's already accumulating on our long driveway though!

  9. Mmmm. Margaritas!
    I hate Brett Favre. Love how you spelled his name. LOL

  10. Your cat is adorable. And I could not agree more with your weather comment.
    Those ninety degree days made me wish for winter. Way too hot!!



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