Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Opinions are Like...

Well, you know the rest. And now I'll be singing Salt-N-Pepa in my head all day.

But really.

So I've been running while pregnant. My OB said that it was fine to continue. Actually, BOTH OBs said that. And a midwife. Not just "fine" to continue, but "recommended." And so I keep putting one foot in front of the other. A little bit more slowly, and with the introduction of walk breaks every mile or so to keep my breathing relatively normal. No more pushing up the big, steep hills.

Not only have I been cleared to keep running, but I've been cleared to train for and run the Pig, should my body cooperate. Of course, no decisions have been made yet, but I went for 7 miles on Sunday and could have gone longer. It was a good run. Except for the tiny nagging voice that has now crept into my head, courtesy of someone saying "oh, I had a friend who ran while they were pregnant and her baby died."

Thanks for that. WHY would you say that to someone? That, right there, is quite possibly the worst thing that you could say to someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder.


  1. Multiple all-clear from medical professional - seems very good to me.  That is awful advice to give.  I'll be generous and assume the advice giver was really concerned about you and the baby.

  2. Good for you still running!! My doc said that anything you did before you can continue as long as it feels good.  I'm 26 weeks now.  I have slowed down a bit now but in the first 4 months, i was a zumba fool and i trained for a 5K.  you listen to your body and not to all those crazy people out there!

  3. Okay...how'd I miss this?  Did not know you were pregnant.  I am so out of touch with everything anymore!  And you're a runner, absolutely no reason why you can't run as long as you want!



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