Monday, November 26, 2012

It's A...

I have to admit, finding out the sex of the baby this early feels just a little odd. Last time we had to wait until the anatomy scan ultrasound at 20 weeks. Technology does some amazing things!

I hosted a big chunk of my wonderful East Coast family for thanksgiving and it was so much fun to get to tell them in person. We also finally "came out" on Facebook, courtesy of Charlie drawing a picture of him playing with his sibling-to-be...

You might be able to see HER in the picture - SHE'S the smaller one drawn in brown marker next to the pink and blue self-portrait inked by Charlie.
Charlie is getting a baby SISTER! He was so excited when we told him - ecstatic, even. He asked for a baby sister last Christmas and has been continually hounding us ever since his BFF Alex got a second one over the summer. You would think that we did it just for him! He's been talking nonstop about his baby. It brings tears to my eyes.


  1. Ah!  You're having a girl!  Congratulations!  Sounds like Charlie is going to be a superb big brother.  :)

  2. Congrats - Having a boy and girl is very nice but today I think the gender is not as big a difference in raising children as it was say 100 years ago.  Thinking of the dark ages, I didn't know the gender of my children until they took their first breath. 



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