Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Day 4

I'm incredibly thankful that the election is almost over. Living in one of the most important swing states is difficult - we're inundated with tv and radio ads, candidates are constantly stopping through, and my mailbox is regularly stuffed with propaganda from both sides. I'll be glad when it's over.

That said, I'm incredibly thankful that i live in a country where i can voice my opinion every November - I can vote on local issues, like the always-important school levies, state issues, like voting against  DOMA, and national issues - my vote helps to determine the president, and that's pretty cool. So thank you to all of the women who came before me, who fought to make sure that our voices speak just as loudly as mens'.

Finally, I'm thankful that, for the most part, my friends and family members don't let politics stand in the way of our relationships. I'm thankful that we're mature enough to respect that we view things differently and that we can hold intelligent, level-headed discussions on important issues. We're the single blue sign in a sea of red in this neighborhood, and I'm thankful that we're even allowed to speak our minds and stake our claims in the form of political lawn signs :)


  1. I like the sign but I didn't put one out.  I also live in a very Republican county.  It is a real shame that politics became so divisive.  We need more moderates.

  2. Lisleman sent me.

    Love the sign in your yard.

    We have so many.  I keep thinking the turkey/deer/moose/bear hunters across the road in the flood plains will shoot them.  

  3. Lisleman sent me too!  :)  
    I am a private person when it comes to politics because I am always afraid of getting into a disagreement amongst family and friends.  Maybe I didn't give them enough credit.  Your post gave me a new way of thinking when it comes to politics. 



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