Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top Posts from 2010

Happy 2011! Other than the fact that 2011 is a prime number, I'm excited about the new year. So much potential! In honor of the flipping of the calendar I decided to pick some of my favorite posts from last year to share with you. I tried to pick one from every month, but I'm horrible at making decisions, so it didn't quite work out that way. I'll be returning to normal blogging activities this week :)


(Yes, I know there are 13 posts, and I hate the number 13, but if I added another one there would be 14 and I hate that number, too, so I would have had to keep going until I got to 16, and that would just defeat the purpose. I might as well just tell you to read the whole blog.)

Faith Envy

Tantrums: The Whole Story

Through the Eyes of a Toddler

Things You Want Wednesday - Stronger Muscles Edition

From the Mind of an 8-year-old

Chicken Nuggets

P90X 90 Day Pictures!!

Things You Want Wednesday - Good Friends

Is the Internet Making You Stupid?

Goodbye, Dear Friend

All is (Almost) Right in the Baseball World

On OCD, Again.

10 Years Ago

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