Thursday, April 29, 2010

From the Mind of an 8-year-old

C was out of town last night, so I spent the evening digging through a box of crap in the basement that's followed me from house to house for most of my adult life. At the very bottom of the box, I found my elementary school diary. It's so bad and so cheesy that I literally cringed reading some of the entries.

Some of them weren't really so bad.

First entry:

Monday, December 25, 1989 (I was 8, obviously the diary was a christmas present)

Today was christmas day. I got great presents. The power pad was cool we played it.

(Neat handwriting was never my strong point. I can't even make out some of the words in other entries.)

Most of them are mundane and boring descriptions of my days:

Thursday, December 28, 1989

We went to see the little Murmaid but it was sold out so we are going tomorrow to see the Wizard.

Wednesday, February 7, 1990 (I guess I learned how to spell Wednesday)

Today in G.T. (Gifted and Talented.) there were only 3 kids instead of 6! Jessica, Nicole, and Iris weren't there! Only Kevin Jhonothan and I. were there!

Some of them provide an interesting insight into how my 8-year-old self viewed important things:

Wennesday, December 27, 1989 (I guess I wasn't so great at spelling, after all)

I am in love! Tommy B is so cool! Me and my sister went to his house today and had a great time. His other friend (Josh) was there and he played with us.

(under this entry is a note dated November 9, 1990 saying "I hate Tommy B.")

Monday, January 1, 1989

Today I went to my boyfriends house and yesterday I saw my other boyfriend Jason at the movies but he didn't see me. When we went to see the little Murmaid.

I think this one is the absolute worst, though:

Saturday, January 4, 1992

Dear Diary,

I think Richie likes me. Today at roller skating he called me a Bitch. Erica came over. Tiff did too. We had fun.

Love Jene

(Yes, Bitch was capitalized. Maybe we should stop telling little girls that if a boy is mean to you it means they like you. Interestingly, there's an entry a few days later referring to my "former friends" Erica and Tiff. Erica is still one of my BFFs today!)

Plenty more where those came from, for sure. I'll have to scan some of the illustrations I drew to go along with the entries. Complete diagrams of cafeteria tables and basketball courts, detailing exactly where I was sitting in relation to my "boyfriends." My high school ones are even worse.

But really, who didn't love The Wizard?


  1. I love this!! My mom saved some of my crap and in one I wanted to be a gymnast as my career then a few months later I changed to a lawyer.

    I am neither.

  2. Somewhere in this house there is a box in which lurk my diaries from my mid-teen years. If/when I unearth them I plan on burning them without opening the covers. Of course what I plan and what I do are two entirely different things, no doubt I'll end up reading and cringing before burning, but the burning part is definitely happening.

    My mum has all the notes we wrote to her as kids filed away in her important documents file. One of my favourites is one I wrote at about 13 years old and left on the kitchen bench for my younger brother threatening to kill him if he ate the dessert I'd prepared for dinner that night.

  3. Awwww this is complete awesomeness!

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