Monday, January 10, 2011

Flying Pig Training - Week 1

Week one is over and done!

I had my first long run with the training group on Saturday. I did a much better job at keeping my speed down, thanks to my new running buddy and one of the group coaches. It was a nice, comfortable run, a good pace to maintain a conversation but still know that I was working hard. We ran over the Cincinnati bridges, through parts of downtown, and past the stadiums. I ended up running nine miles at an 11:02 pace, which also included three shoe-tying stops and a few instances of getting a little bit lost and slowing down to get directions. NINE MILES. And I probably could have kept going. It was amazing, and I'm so proud of myself. That's 2.5 miles farther than I've ever gone before. Even more amazing, it didn't hurt. I even did my 3 mile recovery run yesterday without a struggle.

Good times! New shoes this week, for sure. I forgot that my initial complaint about the shoes I'm running in now (which I originally bought for P90X) was that they seemed a little too narrow for my feet. Makes sense that the discomfort I have is in the arch of my foot. Hopefully new shoes will take care of that problem for me.

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