Tuesday, January 18, 2011

** yawn **

Today is my Monday, and not only am I suffering from a three-day-weekend hangover, but Charlie was out of town last night and I got maybe three hours of sleep. It's really quite ridiculous how scared I get when I'm home alone overnight. It's not like I didn't do it a million times in the past, but it was never as creepy when we lived closer to (or actually in) the city. It's just so quiet around our house, plus we're right up against the deep dark woods. Whoever said countryish living is relaxing didn't have a very active imagination. There are all kinds of things that could be back there. Crazy people, coyotes, aliens, vele, flukemen, teliko, el Chupacabra. (bonus points if you know what show I've been watching too much of)

I usually stay up as late as I can, watching junk TV, playing on the interwebs, or working on work stuff. That way when I finally get into bed (with the downstairs light on!) I'm so tired that I can't help but fall asleep. The downside is that it makes for a pretty rough morning.

Even if I'm 100% exhausted, I still agonize over every little bump and creak that I hear. I lay perfectly still and analyze the noise until I convince myself that it's just the cat or just general house noises.

Then I start to drift off to sleep, only to allow my mind to wander to the creepy girl from The Ring and I start to picture her crawling out of the TV downstairs (another great reason not to have a TV in the bedroom!). If you've seen the movie, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, well, I'd post a picture for you, but then you I wouldn't sleep for days.

Mmmmmmmm, coffee.


  1. My hubs had to work 3rd shift Sunday night/Monday morning and I was alone, as well ... hated it. And I live in 'town'. But my 'town' is a mile in length and the cops go home at 5, so you have to rely on the Sheriff's Department, which may or may not answer when you call dispatch. I freaked out the entire time!

  2. I'm horrible at sleeping when my husband is out of town. I have to sleep with the tv on- but I have to check to make sure that nothing creepy is coming on whatever channel I leave the tv on. Don't want to wake up and see something scary on tv.

  3. Do you have an alarm system in your house? It might be a good investment. I don't sleep well when my husband isn't at home at night, but I do a whole lot better with that alarm. I keep it armed when I'm alone in the house during the day, too.

  4. What cracks me up about you is how different / same we are! We have GOT to meet IRL one of these days!
    I had that problem WAY more when I lived in the city and the 'burbs! I was always worried about what nutjob was gonna try to break into my house. Now that I'm back in country living the scariest thing I've seen is the giant buck bounding thru our front yard.
    But... I still prefer to not be home alone. I usually use that time to make a vain attempt at catching up on household chores until I'm so tired I practically pass out, usually in the 2am-ish range.

  5. Oh, and it cracks me up that you think you live anywhere country-ish. You probably think I live in absolute no man's land, LOL!

  6. same here!! sometimes when my husband leaves in the morning, the noises or the dogs barking out back freaks me out...and he leaves like 10 minutes before I get out of bed. It's really pathetic.



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