Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tantrums: The Whole Story

This post has to start with a secret. A dirty little secret that makes me feel ashamed of myself for even thinking it. It's too awful to say out loud, so I'm going to have to type it. It's the ultimate in working mommy guilt.


Here goes - I was **gasp** looking forward to coming to work today! I even briefly considered trucking in yesterday during our massive snowstorm. That's how bad the tantrums were this weekend. I've never once looked forward to work as an escape. I can now say with 100% certainty after this weekend that I would never make it as a SAHM (though part-time work is an attractive option!).

I guess we're in a control stage or something, because the tantrums over snacks and food this weekend were refuckingdiculous. Excuse the language, but it really does require a strong 4-letter word.

I'm almost wondering if we should rethink the food approach we've been taking where we decide what he eats and when and he decides how much. Apparently he would rather starve than eat what we're eating (even when it's chicken nuggets or broccoli and cheese or pizza, three things that he absolutely LOVED up until, apparently, this weekend).

Breakfast always goes so well. He has a waffle or english muffin, a handful of blueberries or grapes, a banana, and milk. He eats everything we give him. This weekend was no exception, but after that one blissful meal it all went downhill. All three days.

Some of the excerpts:

No, Charlie, you can't eat three bananas for lunch. Eat your grilled cheese (another meal he loved!).

** much tears shed and screaming over this injustice **

No, you can't have cookies for dessert when you didn't eat your lunch.

** more tears and screaming **

Charlie, stop eating the cat food. I have chicken right here. You love chicken!

** tears and screaming **

Charlie, don't throw your food- do NOT tip that bowl over, I swear!

** and on **

OK, fine. You don't want your chicken? Just eat the fucking applesauce and we'll call it a night.

** and on **

(don't worry, I didn't really curse at my child, however much I may have wanted to)

Each meltdown was spectacular. NOTHING could calm him down. He just sat in the kitchen (or the dining room, or the living room) and screamed and screamed and screamed. Sunday, same thing. Monday, same thing. I was to the point where I just had to walk away. I know he needs to eat, but I offer him plenty of food that he likes. Eating handfuls of stale cheese crackers isn't going to do him any good. We're not starving him for christ's sake, he can eat all of the freaking fruits/veggies/chicken/yogurt/turkey hot dogs he wants. He was such a good eater before and now it's all going downhill.

Thankfully he snapped out of it last night and had applesauce, mac and cheese, and peas for dinner.


  1. What a rough weekend.

    Glad he snapped out of it.

  2. Oh man this sounds WAY too familiar!!! I can never predict what food Gavin will like which day & what meal he'll actually finish, it is very frustrating. ESPECIALLY when the crying or food throwing happens-which happens all too much..UGH. This too shall pass right!?!? ; )

  3. You did exactly what we do!! I know it's distressing when he won't eat, but he won't starve!

    I do give Colin two choices for breakfast/lunch/dinner and let him choose. Dinners are hard, because there are certain things that I just KNOW he doesn't like, but we do - like beef (unless it's in spaghetti sauce). So, since he doesn't like it I make him a separate meal. If we're having something new, I make him try at least a bite. If he tries it and says he doesn't like it, I'll make him a PB&J or soup or something like that.

    It's totally a control issue, and you just have to pick your battles - and hold your ground!!

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  5. Don't feel guilty over looking forward to go to work! I'd rather appreciate the time Liam and I do get to spend together, than go crazy from being around each other so often. (Liam and I both have, um, rather strong personalities.)

    And food. Ugh. Liam's conditioned himself to gag/vomit if something green goes in his mouth. It's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. Hopefully bb Charlie is smarter than that! But like Jillian said, it's just about giving them choices so they feel like they made the decision. NOT LIKE YOUR WRONG AND UNINFORMED DINNER DECISION. =)



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