Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fragments

FF is brought to you by Mrs4444!

Mommy's Idea

Looks like my boy is single again!

Too bad I'm happily married. 6 years, today, actually!

Ahhh, 10 years ago.

Evidence that my husband is the bomb dot com: Only a really great husband would get the giant ladder out of the garage at midnight to put a new batter in the beeping smoke detector.

Seriously, why do those things only start to die at night?

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and starting my own "30 While 30" list - 30 things that I want to do or accomplish in the next year. Of course, I'll be posting the list - how else will I have any accountability?

I can not be trusted with a bag of croutons.

Did you know that I have a magic blog? True story. Minutes after I posted about my Twilight dilemma, an epub of book four mysteriously appeared in my email box, thanks to a reader I didn't know I have. I'm now officially done with Twilight (well, the books, anyway). I wonder if that trick would work with cookies....

Last night I went to my first-ever NFL game. Granted, it was only pre-season, and it was only the Bungles, but it was fun, anyway.

The field looks so much smaller in person.

I drove home late-ish at night, and as I got closer to my town I realized that I had a decision to make - take the slightly shorter route home that passes by the creepy Milford cemetery, or drive a little bit out of the way to bypass the possibility of a zombie sighting. Can you guess which way I went?

I've decided to bring back my weekly song challenge. It was fun for me, and I like talking about myself and telling stories, so I'm doing it, regardless of who else does or does not play along. Monday's theme will be "A Song from the Year you were Born," to kick off my last week in my 20s.

I bought a new kind of gum last week and just noticed that it's vitamin-fortified. Maybe that's why it tastes so weird.

Euchre Night tomorrow! I'm making dessert, as usual. I'm planning to make these Cookie Dough Brownies. Husband thinks they look like sweetness overkill, but Jen is an engineer and she wouldn't design a bad dessert. I'll let you know how they turn out!


  1. I love Friday Fragments!!!

    Happy anniversary, too. :)

  2. "new batter in the beeping smoke detector"  - you are a baseball nut!
    Put your hands up and walk slowly back from the croutons.
    They make e-cookies that you can eat instead of storing in your browser?

  3. So jealous about your euchre night! Have fun.

  4. Happy Anniversary!  Hope you got to do something fun.  I also can not be trusted with croutons in the vicinity.

  5. 1. You had me at croutons.
    2. I have already written my MMC post & posted it. (insert my foot tapping here)

  6. I hope you had a great anniversary!



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