Thursday, August 4, 2011

A New Blog

Just to let all three of my regular readers know, I've decided that I'm going to create a new blog to hold all of my fitness/P90X/food/running related posts. I feel like this blog isn't really the forum where I want to talk about different running shorts and pro/con different styles of shoes or different exercise programs. If it's something that's related to my life on a more global level, I'll certainly post it here, too.

This will still be my primary blog, but I've been feeling like the "me-ness" is getting lost in all of the other stuff I want to post somewhere. Hence the spin-off blog experiment. We'll see how it goes.

Link to follow, for my fitness-oriented peeps.


  1. Being that I'm the first comment (it appears to be first but I've been fooled before as I type another one comes in) I'll assume I am in the elite group of your 3 regular followers.  That's great and sucks at the same time.  Great to have found your blog and it's funny posts but sucks that the group is 3 in size.
    NOT that I have much influence outside of my mind but I'll mention your fine blog in my next post.
    Oh my other blogs - don't get the visits but it does help sort the posts subjects to have multiple blogs.  Be sure to cross reference the blogs with links.

  2. Thanks for the heads up - I started reading your blog b/c of the Nest (I think...) and am also a runner.  So it's worked out well!  Regardless, I'll read both.  :)

  3. I'll post as soon as I've gotten things rolling! Glad to know you're around. Do you have a blog, too?

  4. Yeah, I am one of 3!  I think I have 4 readers so we are both pretty amazing..obviously.

  5. You know....G+ is the perfect place for that stuff; you can creating a sharing circle just for that content.



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