Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gonna Party Like, It's My Birthday

But it's not. Not yet, anyway. I've still got a month left in my 20s. Exactly ONE month. Meanwhile, Husband Charlie has been hounding me for birthday present ideas, and I can't think of a single, solitary thing. I guess that's part of the boringness of being an adult - I have a budget, and I have income, so if there's something I want, I check my budget and then either buy it or decide that I don't really need it. Most of the time I decide that I don't really need it, because I hate spending money.

I don't need books (ebooks or paper), I've got a library for that.

I don't want clothes, that's so boring.

I don't want jewelry, I rarely wear the stuff I have.

I don't need anything new and exciting for my camera.

So far all I've got is two t-shirts:

but I don't think Charlie will go for that.

He also thinks running shorts are too boring for a birthday present.

Maybe this - it's been a while since I've gotten a new Yankees shirt.

I briefly considered doing a boudoir photo shoot, but I've been feeling kind of fluffy lately.

I even tried the whole "I don't need a present, let's just go somewhere good for dinner," but that's not working, either, because Charlie thinks 30 is a big deal. Easy for him to say, he's only going to be 29.

There's a pretty good story behind that one.


  1. You might be able to find something at
    I feel pretty dumb suggesting things since I rarely get the right gift (that's whole other topic in itself) but the gifts of a concert, comedy club, play have gone well.  Oh I guess (duh) ballgame tickets would work for you.

  2. You want a bike!!!! :)

    Triathlons make the birthday list so easy. I want a bike rack for my car and a real bike jersey so I can feel like a real cyclist (but they're too pricey for me to justify spending the money when I can, in theory, ride in bike shorts and a race shirt.)

    I also want new running shorts and I need new makeup and I want a new purse but I am far too picky for anyone but me to buy those things. So I want money that I won't feel bad about spending. :)

  3. PS - my husband is 29 too. He doesn't think my bday is a big deal, though, he just thinks I'm old.

  4. Yes! I have Yankee tickets for next Friday night. I'm ridiculously excited, since it will be Toddler Charlie's first pilgrimage to The Cathedral. Well worth 10 hours in the car with a toddler.

  5. Actually, we've been talking about doing bikes as birthday presents this year. They would be mountain bikes, though, not road bikes, sorry to disappoint ;)

    I do really want another pair of my favorite running shorts, but Charlie isn't interested in buying them as a present. I also need makeup, I've been out of foundation for almost a year. I've never owned a proper purse, so that's on my list, too.

    Sheesh, I should have just asked you for suggestions!

  6. LOL, apparently we have a lot in common!!

    I'm hooked on Coastal Scents eyeshadow. You can try samples of everything for 99 cents!! That's going to be my upcoming "blow $20-30 bucks" purchase. (Some samples and full sizes of previously sampled ones!)

    I want a Timbuk2 purse so it will last forever and I can stop buying clearance rack purses that fall apart. But I know exactly which one I want, so I'm just gonna buy it with birthday money - a parent or in-law will probably provide some.

    And you can totally ride a mountain bike in a triathlon and we will still totally go biking together even if you don't have a road bike!!!



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