Monday, August 29, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Week 16 - A Song from the Year you were Born

While trying to figure out a good song for this week, I scrolled through the list of the top 100 hits of 1981. So many options. What to choose, what to choose? Lots of Blondie in the top 100 songs of 1981, but not my absolute favorite, which was Sunday Girl... "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang is an all-time classic, but I think my mom likes it more than I do, so that's out... Rod Stewart? He was my first concert way back in the day, but "Passion" isn't his best work... The Jersey Girl in me is partial to Springsteen, but he's already gotten a few mentions here, and I'm sure there will be more to come... I do love rocking out to "Hit me with Your Best Shot," but that can't be the best.

And then there it was, rolling in at number 65 - "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen, the all-time gods of rock.

My siblings and I LOVED this song. Never mind that it was old by the time we heard it. Auntie Ann had a Queen tape in her car and she pretty much always had it on. My aunts LOVED Queen - my mom even named her dog Freddie after Mr. Mercury himself. We would beg and beg and beg her to play "Another One Bites the Dust." Of course she always did, and never let on that she might be sick and tired of hearing the same song over and over. I still get a little rush of excitement when I hear the opening beat. So many great Queen songs, but this one will always have a special place in my heart.

Ah, good times. 30 years ago. Wow.

When were you born? Share, if you dare!


  1. What you getting slow in your old age already? we are half way through Monday (just giving you some ;)
    Great selection but even better is your selection process.  I'll be posting one now that you have this up.  I'll be explaining why this game is not so easy.

  2. Ok got my post for you challenge - check it out for some music history

  3. Solid choice. It's hard to go wrong with Queen. (exception="Bicycle")

  4. Do I have to put up a link?  I'm not really sure how to do that.  :/

    Anyway, this song was #1 on the day that I was born, and I have always liked it.  I guess I have sort of an "old soul".  It's "(You're My) Soul and Inspiration" by The Righteous Brothers.


  5. You know, it never once occurred to me that there are songs without music videos. Generational bias at its finest.

  6. I actually know that song. Surprised? Good choice! I miss your blog :(



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