Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm in Too Deep

Last Thursday, I found the draft of "Midnight Sun" online, which is Twilight Book 1 all over again, but from Edward's perspective. I read it in every spare second I could find, which includes the two minutes while I brush my teeth and the five minutes I spend "in the bathroom" after I get home from work (what, like you've never gone in there and locked the door behind you just for a few minutes of peace and quiet?). It was unfinished and unedited, and she can't seem to get through a single paragraph without using the word "chagrin," but I was still unable to put it down.

Saturday morning, I downloaded Twilight Book 3 from the e-library in preparation for Thursday's road trip. I kept telling myself that I absolutely would NOT read it until we got in the car. It didn't last past Sunday night.

Now I'm stressing out because the waiting list for the e-book of Twilight Book 4 is long, and I won't have it in time for the road trip. I've requested an actual paper copy from the county library (how quaint!), and the status just tells me that it's "In Transit." I've been obsessively refreshing the page, waiting to see the "Available!" message pop up, but nothing, so far. I only have another 30 hours before it will be too late!

What has happened to meeeeeeeeeeee??!!?!?!?!


  1. while brushing your teeth?  That's the time I think of blog posts.

  2. Oh I forgot to mention - great LLL post offering.  I was confused when I saw this one because I only noticed the day Tues of your LLL linked one and thought wow two posts in one day.  Isn't great to be able to recycle a post?

  3. LOL!  So funny.  I blew through them too, but haven't checked out the online draft of that Edward book yet... I love your comment about locking yourself in the bathroom too.  I might have done that this morning.

  4. I was way worse than you with the Edward book...I'd limit myself to only a few pages a day b/c I knew she didn't have it finished and I wanted to make it last.  Terrible writing!  But, somehow, against all better judgement, love me some Edward.



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