Thursday, July 29, 2010

Look! My Marriage is Still Intact!

I had my Trash the Dress photo shoot on Saturday. It was the perfect excuse to get the dress out and into the light of day for the first time in nearly five years. It was a ton of fun, especially getting into the giant fountain at Sawyer Point.

These two are my favorites. I think they capture the Jersey in me just perfectly :)

I got in the giant fountain at the park downtown. It was well over 90 degrees and that dress was heavy. Water never felt so good!

And look! My marriage is still intact!

I can't wait to see the rest of them. Big thanks to Jamie Reising Photography for letting me act as a model for the day :)

On a side note, I haven't blow-dried my hair in weeks because a ponytail gives me a few more minutes of sleep. I can't believe how long my hair has gotten! It's very fine, so when I wear it down it looks ok for about an hour and then ends up all stringy and weird-looking. I need to find a solution or get a haircut. Any ideas?


  1. Phew, good thing Charlie didn't file for divorce shortly after those photos. You know how TTD sessions can ruin a marriage, LOL.

    You look awesome!!! I love, love, love the socks, shoes and Yankees cap. These make me really want to lose this weight so I can fit into my dress and trash it, hopefully my marriage would survive it as well.

    Do we have the same hair? I have tons of hair, but it is so fine and annoying. I never style it, always wear it pulled back, it is sad. I did recently get it cut short in hopes it would force me to give a crap about it but it didn't. I just bought some headbands. *sigh*

  2. Oh wow, I LOVE this!!!! How cool are those shots? I love the idea-- and you didn't really trash the dress all THAT much, LOL, right???

    Sorry, that's the OCD in me talking...


  3. Love the pics! Love how you paired it with the striped socks & tennies too! How creative. Love, love, love it!

  4. What a cool idea! I might have to steal it at some point. Actually, my Mom is here and we thought maybe we should do it together, how fun would that be?!



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