Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Fragments

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Mommy's Idea

Today I stopped at Dunkin on the way to work to get an iced coffee for a Friday treat. There was no ice in it. WTF?

I've decided to take the afternoon off. 80 degrees and sunny? Who wants to be stuck in a cube? I'm going to buy new makeup. If you've known me for any length of time you probably think I'm lying, but I'm not.

We didn't get to do P90X last night and I feel guilty, even though we're making up for it tonight. C didn't get home from his trip until much later than he thought he would, and I'm afraid of the basement so I didn't want to work out alone. How sad is that?

When C is out of town I also stay up as late as I can, until I'm so tired that I fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow. I use the TV and the interwebs to keep me company until then. That way there's less time lying in the dark thinking about someone hiding out in my closet.

I've been devouring novels lately and it's really awesome. I forgot how great it is to read. The day after I finished Oryx and Crake someone told me that there was a follow-up, so I ordered it used from Amazon and read it in three days. Just couldn't put it down. It's called The Year of the Flood. While I was googling for the book I found a picture of the author (Margaret Atwood). She looks absolutely nothing like the person I had pictured in my mind. Funny how that works sometimes.

Now I'm reading a book called Prep. Started it on Wednesday and will probably stay up and finish it tonight and tomorrow night. Thanks to my friend Alison for all of her awesome book recommendations!

After I get some new makeup I'm going to browse Half Price Books. I just decided that. Great way to spend an hour. Then I'll pick up Toddler C after his nap is over and we'll play outside.

Last night's Yankee game was televised. I could watch nothing but baseball and be perfectly content with life. I still think it's the most beautiful thing to watch on an HD TV. <3 watching Robbie Cano hit those balls out of the park!

Finally, the best quote from last night's episode of The Office:

Michael: I can't stop myself from kissing her.
Kevin: Now you know how I feel sitting next to those M&Ms all day!

I can't believe that Steve Carell is leaving the show after next season! It can't go on without him, and I'm really going to miss it :(


  1. That M&M line is the greatest!!!!!

    I love Half Priced Books. I'm jealous you're going today.

    Visiting from FriFrags! happy weekend!

  2. You're welcome :) I'm so glad you're liking Prep!
    I AM surprised to hear that you'll be makeup shopping...enjoy your afternoon off!

  3. You have a dysfunctional DD too? The place next to my building is really rather frightening.

    I stopped reading Margaret Atwood years ago when Robber Bride nearly killed me. Maybe it's time to try her again... :)

  4. Haha! You crack me up! Chris got put on 3rd shift and I refuse to go down in the basement when he's not home. In fact, we have no lock on the door leading from the kitchen to the basement, so i pile every heavy object I can find in front of the door so if someone tries to get into my house, I'll potentially hear them pushing the stuff away from the door. I also block off the front door with two giant heavy boxes. And when I go upstairs to go to sleep, if I shut the bedroom door, I also block that door off. Fire hazard, yes. But hey! No monsters will get me! Or at least it would take extra effort if they tried. Lol!

  5. My son and his wife recently introduced me to Half-Priced Books. LOVE it!

    Visiting from Friday Frags.

  6. 與其爭取不可能得到的東西,不如善自珍惜運用自己所擁有的........................................

  7. I tend to stay up too late when my hubby's away too, but it's because I love having the house to myself (you know, if we ignore the 3 kids, which I kind of can when they're asleep) and want to savour every minute of it.

  8. Am with you on the "things" in my closet feeling. That's why I keep my gun close. Well, close in my mind. It's actually in a locked safe in our walk-in-closet which is but a skip-jumpand-a-hop away from our bedroom. if that "thing" ever does come out of the closet, am hoping he's courteous enough to give me a sec to get the gun. ;)

    Steve Carrell rocks!!!!

    Just stoppin' in via Friday Fragmnets.

  9. You have a dysfunctional DD too? The place next to my building is really rather frightening.

    I stopped reading Margaret Atwood years ago when Robber Bride nearly killed me. Maybe it's time to try her again... :)



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