Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fragments

Tonight we're having a cheat dinner - we're getting pizza from some new place in town that claims to serve "New York Style" pizza. I'm trying to keep my expectations low, but it's promising that they serve pies by the slice. It looks closer than anything else in Cincinnati, and they have a white pizza with garlic, olive oil, ricotta, mozzerella, broccoli, basil, and tomato that sounds freaking awesome.

I won something on a blog giveaway! Confessions of a Working Mom had a weeklong celebration in honor of her birthday and I was lucky enough to win a digital food scale. I've wanted one of these for a long, long time. We've been using C's old balance scale from college. It works and it's accurate, but it sure is a PITA to use. This is going to revolutionize our diet habits.

We're planning a dessert luncheon at work. It's going to be on a Friday, and it's going to be the last Friday of our P90X program. Well, the first round, anyway. I love dessert. See those cookies over there? They're my favorite. It's an Alton Brown recipe and he's never steered me wrong. You should try them. Unfortunately, if I don't make brownies for the party my co-workers will kill me.

It's cold out today, and it's a big shock to my system after a few days in the upper 80s. I hope it's warm again tomorrow so we can play outside all day. I want to go back to the park.

I win Mom of the Year. I didn't look at the forecast for yesterday and Charlie went to daycare without a coat. I knew it was raining when we left the house so I assumed that they wouldn't be playing outside. I was wrong. Poor kid had to borrow a sweatshirt four sizes too big.

Speaking of four sizes too big, all but one pair of shorts that I bought at the consignment sale are too big for Charlie's skinny little butt. They fit fine over the bulkier cloth diapers, but if I try to put them on over the disposables that he has to wear to daycare they just fall right off. He might be rocking some short shorts this summer if I have to resort to pulling out the 12 month shorts from last year. Good thing there's another consignment sale next weekend.

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  1. First, that pizza looks amazing. Second, I'm jealous of your food scale. I have 2 food scales that I picked up at garage sales (both balance scales), they work fine, but damn I want one of those digital ones, but I am too cheap!!

    I too hope this weather gets warm for the weekend, not that I have any time with everything going on, but it might be nice to sneak in a quick walk with Davis one of the days.



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