Monday, April 12, 2010

P90X - Week 6 Completed

I can't believe we're halfway there! Today is Day 45. This week I have an accomplishment and a setback to talk about. First of all, on Wednesday I made it through all 349 exercises in the Ab Ripper X. ARX is basically 16 minutes of abdominal workout hell. Before we started P90X I thought that core strength was my "thing," after years of pilates and the like. I was able to cruise through the AR100 and AR200 on the Power90 disks, so I thought that ARX would be more of the same. Not so much. I don't know if it's the exercises themselves or the fact that you're doing it right after completing an hour of resistance training - it's probably a combination of both of those factors - but it's really freaking hard. My wheels start to fall off at the same two points each time - halfway through reverse bicycles because my hip flexors are screaming, and halfway through the oblique v-ups because my sides just can't take anymore. I knew that if I was able to push through those two exercises then I could make it the whole way. And I did! I was so proud of myself. We'll have to see if I can repeat the accomplishment tonight.

Here's a video of some random guy doing the oblique v-ups, to give you an idea what I was up against. I couldn't get past 12 without having to stop for a break. I busted out all 25 on both sides! Yay for me!

The setback for the week involves my poor knee and my out-of-alignment patella. It's been a nagging problem for years now, and I should have taken the time to strengthen it up again before we started P90X but I didn't. So it hurts, especially during lunges and squats. We're taking Plyometrics back out of the program and putting Cardio X back in. Technically we were supposed to be doing Cardio X anyway, but I preferred Plyometrics. Hopefully I can build some strength back up and then be ready to go for Round 2 of P90X.

45 days to go! Whee!


  1. I'm impressed too! I've seen so many bloggers raving about P90x. I am thisclose to trying it for myself; I honestly haven't heard of ANYONE who's failed on it!




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