Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fragments

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Mommy's Idea

It's going to be 82 degrees and sunny today, and I'm stuck in my cube while both Charlies are at home playing.

There was no traffic on the way to work, which was nice, but also a reminder that I'm going to work today while everyone else gets to stay home and play.

I hope we get sent home early.

We're going to the zoo tomorrow! I can't wait. After the zoo we're going to spend the evening with some friends of ours and their kids. The first of many warm weekend evenings sipping drinks on the porch while the kids play together. I love summer!

I'm wearing my Mo jersey for the first time this spring! Two days until baseball starts! There are FOUR nationally televised Yankee games on this week. I'm a lucky girl!

I hope it's a great season. I'm so excited. I would love a repeat performance of last year's awesomeness.

Toddler Charlie has been wearing his Yankee cap pretty much constantly. I'm glad he likes it, but it makes him look like such a little person! (rather than a baby, I mean)

An iced caramel latte from Dunkin and a chocolate chip cookie from Jerry's makes a lovely breakfast. I just couldn't wait for dessert.

I wish I had a Google phone so that I could take a picture of my awesome breakfast and share it with you.

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  1. Have fun at the zoo!

    Hope you get out early today.



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