Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things You Want Wednesday - Baby Swing Edition

I was initially swayed against the baby swing by the masses of random peeps who referred to them as "Neglect-O-Matics." I thought "Hey, I can just be a babywearer and wear the baby all day and keep him close to me for bonding and warmth and all that jazz and it will be all fantastic and pleasant and puppies and rainbows. I don't need to stick MY child in a swing. LOLZ." Then I got my outside baby and realized that things weren't as simple as they sounded.

First of all, the original baby carrier I had just wasn't going to cut it as a long-term solution. It was one of those sling pouches and it wasn't comfortable for me and didn't look very comfortable to him, either (I later found a Baby K'Tan carrier, but that's for another post). Second of all, there's the actual act of wearing an infant all day long. It gets tiring. I know they aren't that heavy, but after a few hours those 8 pounds start to wear on you. That and it's hard to do things that you need to do, like hook up to the pump, go to the bathroom, shower, eat, all those tasks that make it necessary to, you know, live and all.

When I got tired of having cold dinners we went to Target and bought a swing. We didn't get one of the big ones, just the portable swing that runs on batteries. It served its purpose well. The random-internet-peeps-induced-guilt I felt when I stuck him in it completely disappeared when I was able to sit down and enjoy a piping hot piece of lasagna.

I think he looked rather happy to be there.

It doubles as an argument warder-offer so that when your in-laws campaigners for the other guy come around during election season it's clear where your allegiances lie. Who's going to argue with a little baby?

You can also use it to show off your baby on Halloween so that your hands are free to eat hand out candy to the kids.


  1. We had a swing for G-- it was a LIFE saver at times. Actually, it was more of a SANITY saver, LOL!

    By the way (and don't tell my Southern friends), I completely agree with his T-shirt in the middle picture there...

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. Our swing was a lifesaver the first few months. It was the only thing he'd sleep in for his first 2-3 weeks of life. If I needed to shower or get something done I knew the swing would help me out, the motion always seemed to put him right to sleep. It was complete awesomeness until the day he decided to attempt to escape the swing around 6 months. It is now sadly sitting in the attic waiting for another kid (gasp) or me to put it on CL and sell it to another mommy.



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