Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

I'm kicking myself for not buying a box of Thin Mints before I started the P90X diet. I should have given in to temptation when I had the chance.

I went to an event last night to see Bobby Richardson speak. There was a table full of dessert and I didn't touch a single thing, not even the chocolate-mousse-topped brownies. I had a single, solitary, marble-sized piece of chocolate as I walked out. I felt like a junkie struggling with the wrapper on the way to my car. It was the best chocolate ever.

I think I might puke if I have to even look at another chicken breast. I'm not having any today to give myself a break.

I get to have some cereal as a snack today and I'm very excited. Overall, the carb cravings have toned down a bit.

My legs and butt are so sore that it hurt to sit down to pee this morning.

I think Yoga pants and a hoodie would make a fantastic official uniform for life.

I'm really bad at getting pictures printed. I don't have any more recent than Baby C's one-year pics.

Mike and Mike are doing a book tour this spring and I've got my fingers and toes crossed that they stop over here.

I love The Office for the comedy, but I've never emphasized more with a character than I did last night while Pam struggled with her "latch issues."

30 days until Yankees opening day!


  1. I think yoga pants & a hoodie would make a great uniform for life!

  2. I love that you are working so hard but sticking to it--Good for you. [said as I sit on my butt on the couch, of course] Hope the cereal was everything you dreamed of and more, haha.

    Latch issues are a major bummer. Thank God for Lactation Consultants.



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