Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things You Want Wednesday - Sophie Edition

This is Sophie. Sophie La Giraffe.

At first glance, Sophie appears to be just another rubber toy. Maybe something you might consider buying for a dog. You look further, and balk at the $19 price tag. "WTF?" you exclaim. "$19 for a freaking dog chew toy?! No way! Not now, not never."

But then you start noticing that all the babies in the pictures on your parenting message boards have Sophies. You start hearing stories about Sophie La MIRACLE Giraffe, who cures teething spells and fussiness with the chomp of an ear. And you start considering ordering one of your own. And you get all excited when the box finally arrives, and you open it up and oooh and aaah over the cuteness that is the Sophie packaging alone, and then you take out the miracle worker herself and hand it over to your infant. And you get this:

And then for the next hour, no, make that the next few months, this is all you hear:

And a lasting friendship has been made.


  1. LOL! I considered getting Sophie for FireGirl, but never gave in to the price. Maybe I should have.

  2. That last photo is the cutest thing EVER.

    One question, where the heck was Sophie when my little one was in complete agony over those damn teeth? I will have to keep her in mine if I have another one.



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