Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Someone stole our two strollers right out of our garage. It's always closed at night, which means it was sometime during the day while C was home. I'm SO PISSED OFF. It's so weird, because they didn't take the wagon or the trike, just the strollers. So now we need to find a new umbrella stroller. Any recommendations?

Got to hold a 3-week-old baby yesterday. I forgot how cute those little newborn gurgles and yawns are.

Got to hold a 3-week-old baby yesterday. I forgot how grating a newborn's cry is, and how it makes every muscle in your body tense up and your hair stand on end.

Ear infections suck. Double ear infections suck times two. Doubleplus Ungood.

Jon Stewart is awesome. I wish he was my friend.

I'm dying for some M&Ms after watching The Office last night.

Wasn't really a fan of the working parent guilt trip that Dwight gave Jim. Hit just a little too close to home.

I've noticed that I've started referring to the bathroom as "the potty." Even in adult company. As in, at work, "Let me run to the potty, and then we can talk about this analysis" WTF?

Final Fantasy XIII, the only reason we bought the PS3 over the XBOX a million years ago, is FINALLY here, and I don't have time to play it because of P90X. I guess we'll buy it in May and play the heck out of it when we're finished.

24 days until baseball season officially starts! I'm wearing my Posada shirt today to celebrate.


  1. I would be so mad about the strollers!

    Our umbrella stroller is a chicco. sturdy for an umbrella and not too pricey. We had a jeep one, but it broke after like a week.

  2. I still cannot believe someone stole your strollers, jerks. My lightweight/umbrella stroller is the Combi EX, I really like it because it has a full recline which is rare in umbrella style strollers.

    and I hear you on that newborn cry, anytime I am out in public and hear that cry (such a unique cry it is) I get all freaked out and tense. Weird.

  3. That is SO shitty about the strollers. People suck sometimes.



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