Monday, January 18, 2010

Word of the Weekend

Apparently Baby C learned the word "no" at some point last week. I had never heard him say it, and certainly never heard him say it to ME, but this weekend we learned that he knows how to say it and knows what it means.

Charlie, hold my hand while we're in the store. No.

Charlie, finish your breakfast. No.

Charlie, we have to get your pajamas on. No.

Oh, what fun we're in for!

Of course, there's some cuteness mixed in there, as he shook his head and loudly told the cat "NO!" as he sniffed around the bowl of animal crackers.


  1. Yeah that's pretty much how it popped up in our house, too, and it's definitely still a favorite.

  2. Ooooo yes, Gavin LOVES the word no & shaking his head no now, to basically everything!



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