Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, we've gone another step farther away from Baby Charlie and towards full-blown Toddler Charlie. One of his first words was "shoes," only he didn't say it like the rest of us say it, but with an emphasis on the S's and without the "oe" sound, so it was more like "shuss."

He walks around the house carrying his sneakers, showing them to us and telling us that they're "shuss." He will bring us his "shuss" and beg for us to put them on his feet. He will try on everyone else's, reminding us the entire time that they are "shuss." Last night the era of "shuss" came to a sad end, when he picked them up and said "shoes," plain as day. I know it's forward momentum, and we want them to learn new words and how to speak properly, but I'm going to miss the "shuss" :(

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  1. isn't it kinda sad? Reece still calls them "shoos"



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