Friday, January 29, 2010

On the subject of OCD

Apparently Baby Charlie HATES paint. Actually, he hates slimy and messy things of all kinds, but paint is the topic du jour.

They usually paint two or three times a week at school. He loves school, he loves playing, he loves his teachers, and he loves his classmates. He does not love paint or paint shirts. Apparently he shrieks when they try to come near him with the paint shirt. He shrieks again when they put the paint tray down in front of him. God forbid they actually touch his finger into the paint itself, I've heard it's like the world is ending.

So this week they were doing finger paints in preparation for the art show that will be held at our local community college next month. Right now, all of the pictures are hanging on the classroom wall. Most of them are covered in paints of all different colors. Then there's Charlie's.

If there were no snowman labels, could you tell which one was his?

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