Monday, December 12, 2011

On the Twelfth Day of BlogFestivus...

Happy Twelfth Day of BlogFestivus!

On the Twelfth day, we get Twelve Drummers Drumming.

(Is it just me, or does "twelfth" look like a made up word?)

So when I was little, you were allowed to pick an instrument to play in the band when you were in 5th grade.

I decided that I was going to play the drums. My parents asked me over and over again if I was SURE that I wanted to play the drums, hell, if I was SURE that I wanted to play any instrument, at all. After all, my brother was a super talented musical genius, surely there couldn't be TWO child wonders in the same household. Surely.

Hells yeah, I wanted to play the drums. And I was going to play the hell out of those drums. I had visions of being the next Dana Carvey (we had recently seen him play the drums on an SNL christmas special in character as the Church Lady). I was going to practice every day, I was going to work really super hard, and I was going to totally rock that shit. ROCK it.

As with many 10-year-olds who have high aspirations, I failed. I failed miserably. I never got past Hot Cross Buns. I never made it to the spring concert. Hell, I never made it through the first ten lessons. Part of it was the lack of practice, more of it was the lack of rhythm. Still more of it was the lack of give-a-damn. I tried a few more instruments after that, with no more success. In fact, toward the end of my 6th grade year, Mr. Richards kicked me out of the program, altogether, because I still hadn't learned how to read music.

That's when I quit being sad, and started being awesome, instead.

Also, I hate the Little Drummer Boy song. Actually, I hate all songs that require you to sing weird syllables, like pa rum pa pum pum. We had to sing it in choir one year and I felt like a tool.

And so we've come to the sad end of BlogFestivus. Thanks to Blogdramedy for putting the fun together!

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  1. Have you ever heard of this vocal jazz called scat?  Awful name since it reminds of the other meaning - feces.  Anyway there are no words only nonsense syllables.  There was a jazz contest at the nearby college once and we listened to a number of performances of scat.  Not a top favorite but interesting.  How do you drum Hot Cross Buns?  Nevermind.

  2. Congratulations on finishing!

    I always consider drums to be perhaps the most dreaded gift.... :)

  3. I just remembered an amateur singer I found a few years back on youtube.  Your suggestion of me singing on a blog post has me wondering if I could do as well as this guy.  Oh I dare you to make it past the 2:30 mark.



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