Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

... a departure from the norm. Happy Tenth Day of BlogFestivus!

The Tenth Day brings us Ten Lords A Leapin'. I've been dreading this day since I read the challenge, and I just can't come up with a song that isn't either stupid or sacrilegious. Not that I care about such things, but for the sake of all of you....

I pulled my college transcripts last week (finally finishing my PhD, I hope) and noticed that there was an F in my records. An F. It was a creative writing class, for poetry. I had completely forgotten about that whole fiasco. Anyway. Totally irrelevant to Leapin' Lords.

I'm actually going to tell you a true story about leaping. We'll leave out the lords for now. This can also serve as a warning to women who have not yet experienced the joy of pregnancy and don't know that the Kegel muscles get wrecked and wrecked again and are never quite the same (moms, you know I'm right. don't try to tell me you've never snissed). For the backstory, husband and I are crazy. We exercise together, and one of our favorite programs is P90X. P90X includes an exercise video called Plyometrics, which means "jump training." Jump training? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Here's a screenshot I found online.

Here's a video, even better.

Knee Jump Tuck - exactly the exercise that cause my... issue.

So imagine that particular muscle group being not-quite-as-strong-as-they-apparently-should-be, drinking lots of water all day so that I'm properly hydrated, and then jumping around wildly for 45 minutes like they're doing in that picture up there.

Thank goodness we're doing the program in the comfort of our own basement. That would have been quite the walk of shame.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Festivusers! I bet they don't wet their pants.

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  1. does sharing the story give you a "got that off my bladder" feeling?
    I thought the jumper in the clip was going to break something in the end and I found it interesting that it appears to be some Christmas decorations in the room.  Watching that was enough exercise for me.

  2. I think Depends has just found a whole new market. :-)

  3. I can only imagine.



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