Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

Happy Fourth Day of BlogFestivus!

Day Four brings us a gift of calling birds. I guess they're kind of like having teenagers around? That's sure how it was for my parents, anyway. For my 13th birthday, they gifted me with my own phone number. At least, they said it was a gift, anyway - as I've gotten older I've realized that it was probably more for them, so I didn't tie up their line with "Do you think he likes me?!?!?!" conversations every hour of the day.

Funny how things work, though, because in my old age I've decided that talking on the phone is something that I can do without. I hate phone conversations. You never know if you're calling someone at a good time, or if you're socially awkward, like me, then you never know if they really want to be talking to you or when they want to hang up or how to fill those inevitable awkward pauses. That's not to say that I never talk on the phone - I still talk to aunts and grandma regularly. I love texting. My BFF and I have actually spoken on the phone two whole times. TWICE. Once was before I had a phone that had text capabilities, and the other time was by accident, when one of us butt-dialed. So, in honor of my dislike of the phone, I have yet another song for you. This one's short. I hope you enjoy it.

Phone calls are old-fashioned, baby,
From an old-school time
Just because you’ve got my number
Don’t mean that I’m online
Take me off your speed dial,
I don’t want to hear that ring

(Don’t) call me! On my line,
Please don’t call me any, any time.
(Don’t) call me! On my line,
But you can text me any, any time.

Shower me with emails, baby,
Find me on g-chat,
Hit me up on Facebook please,
That's where the party's at.
Phone calls make my heart beat fast,
It’s a generation gap

(Don’t) call me! On my line,
Please don’t call me any, any time.
(Don’t) call me! On my line,
But you can text me any, any time.
Text me.

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*just a note to the other participants - weekends are mostly offline for me, so if I don't get to your entry, I'll be by early monday morning :)

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  1. oh that texting preference does seem to be a generational thing.  Talking can get it done quicker unless you are really gabby.
    More good song writing.  My days got a little busier with grandkids these past and next few day.

  2. You'll have to set up an album on your site Greatest Hits of BlogFestivus. Absolutely stellar! :-)

  3. I never want to talk to anyone on the phone. I think the only person that hasn't figured that out is my sister.



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