Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

Bean drops the ball.

Really, I didn't bother to consult the master lyrics to the song, and thought it was 8 Drummers Drumming, and had a great post all lined up. Then I found out that I was wrong (of course, that's the first time something like that has ever happened), so I said to myself - Ok, you still have time. Write a song about milk at lunch. Then lunch turned into a meeting, and no songs about milk. No milk, even - I had a nice salad sitting in front of me and didn't even get to eat it until 2:00, when I was back in my office. Even then, it took me an hour because there were all these little crises happening. Whatever. So then I said - Ok, you still have the evening, after bedtime. Then I left work 30 minutes later than usual, sat in traffic that I generally avoid, and then right as I went to turn onto the highway, they closed it. An hour later I pulled into my driveway, did a mental scan of the fridge and cabinet contents, and pulled right back out to go to the grilled cheese place. Now the kid is in bed, and I'm wiped. No song for you!

Here's the milk, though.

What, you thought I'd leave it out?

Go check out the Festivusers who didn't blow it.

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  1. Our Santa gets beers and nuts

  2. Grilled cheese place?  You go "out" for grilled cheese?  The days of Christmas often don't go according to plan.  I'm still waiting for my mini bike I asked for.



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