Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As of an hour ago, our house is on the market.

Where are we going?

Not sure.

Kicking around a few possibilities.

Maybe just down the road a bit, closer to the city lifestyle that I crave.

Maybe across the country.

Maybe to an apartment closer to the city, while we try to decide what our next direction will be.

Probably not to the East Coast, which is what my heart truly pines for.

For some strange reason, houses in our neighborhood have been selling quickly at fair prices, so we decided to go ahead and try our luck.

It all happened a lot faster than I thought it would. We flew back from Colorado sure that we needed to get out of our not-the-right-fit neighborhood.

Not that this was a rash, spur-of-the-moment decision - we've been planning towards this for over a year now. Actually, oddly enough, it was exactly a year ago today that we met with our old realtor and decided that the timing wasn't quite right.

Just that now that we've decided that it's really time to jump in, I'm a little overwhelmed. A little stressed out. A little anxious, but hey, I get tied up in knots over deciding which shampoo to buy.

I'm also feeling pretty guilty because we haven't told anyone about our plans. Haven't told my mom, who I will have to call tonight because she's coming over for a visit tomorrow and the giant "For Sale" sign will surely tip her off.

I feel most guilty that I didn't tell my BFF, because I tell her everything else. In my own defense, it all just happened so fast. We set up a meeting with the new realtor this week, and I thought we would just be talking about the process and making some decisions. I didn't realize that we'd actually be LISTING the house today. I just hope she gets my gchats before she reads this blog - sorry, BFF :p


  1. which shampoo to buy - funny - but where you move to?  Do you guys job flexibility?
    Exciting decisions
    Best of luck with it all

  2. Congrats on putting your house on the market. And good luck. Selling a house is a pretty stressful situation to deal with.



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