Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am NOT my Sister's Keeper

And after seeing the kinds of guys turning up in her online dating inbox, I'm really thankful for that :)

What kind of guys? Well, you can see for yourself, because little sister has decided to set up a blog dedicated to them.

I present to you... Stupider Cupid.

My sister is clever. Very clever. And funny. And she would be absolutely horrified that I just started two sentences with the word "and."

I've already got a few favorites:


hey u seem pretty nice im keith whats yours :)

Sorry, keith whats yours, I don't date boys who use punctuation strictly for emoticons and nothing more.

How did the weather treat you today?

Sunny with a 95% chance of stupid questions.

I doubt very much that your only superficial requirement is that a guy not wear skinny jeans, but I intentionally buy jeans several sizes too big just to avoid anybody possibly making that mistake about me.

Just throwing that out there.

He probably also buys condoms that are several sizes too big, just to avoid anybody possibly making the mistake that his penis is tiny. Do you see how your logic is flawed? Just throwing that out there.

Aww, little sister is all grown up.

So go and visit her blog, and laugh at the expense of cheesy pick-up artists everywhere.


  1. Wow I thought you might have been the only funny girl in the family.  The two of you should do a road show.  Maybe a youtube clip.  Alright, I guess you both blog so we have that.



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