Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Week 9

I haven't put laundry away in a good two weeks. Glad to get that off my chest.

Welcome to Week Nine of the 30 Day Song Challenge! This week's topic is "A Song that You Can Dance To."

I can't dance. I'm sure I've mentioned that before, but there's really no way to convey just how bad of a dancer I am over the interwebs. I still vividly remember a birthday party I went to in fourth grade, back in the spring of 1991. It was a party for my friend Denesha. It was a dance party. I didn't know it until I got there. Technotronic's Pump Up The Jam was the big hit of the day, so of course, that's what we were dancing to. I didn't know what to do with myself. I tried to copy some of the other girls, but that didn't work. My arms felt all flail-y and awkward, so I decided to just kind of sway around in one spot. Yes, I said "sway." To Technotronic. Lots of "white girl can't dance!" comments. Lots of hopeless tutorials from my girlfriends. By the end of the night, Denesha's cousin had declared that my new nickname was "Rabbit Girl," because of the way I bounced up and down to the music. Thanks, Gary Moore, I will never forget that.

So that's when I gave up on dancing for the second time (we can chat about the first some other time). I decided to stick with easy things, like the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide.

And the Time Warp. Because, who doesn't look cool doing the Time Warp? Couldn't find an original clip without advertisements, so you get to enjoy it, Sims-style. Trying to figure out how they made it work will drive you in-say-ay-ay-ay-ane.

Next week's topic will be "A Song From Your Favorite Album"


  1. "...no way to convey just how bad of a dancer I am over the interwebs..."  Ah, I think there is gadget that can create a video which can be posted on youtube for sharing.  I've even heard that some cellphones can do this.  Just thought I would suggest this techno solution even though I'm very sure you are not techno challenged.

  2. can you sing?  My latest post could use a singer.

  3. Hmmm, I'd say it depends on the song. I used to be in competition choir, but that's going back 12 years :)

  4. Shh! No one needs to see that mess.



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