Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Week 4

Welcome to Week Four of the 30 Day Song Challenge! This week's topic is "A Song That Makes you Happy."

Missed the earlier posts? It's not too late to join in! Come catch up on week one, week two, and week three.

I had a really hard time deciding between three different songs. I have happy feelings associated with each one, so I queued each one up on my playlist to see which one was most suitable. As soon as I heard the opening notes of this one, it was absolutely not a question that Ants Marching by the Dave Matthews Band HAD to be my song for the week.

This song was actually my first introduction to DMB. I never went completely off-the-deep-end crazy about the band - I never followed them around on tour, never had posters in my room, never bought every album that they ever released, but they do have a pretty heavy presence in my MP3 collection, and this song is still one of my all-time favorites. It was super popular in the springtime of my freshman year of high school. I was always an early riser, especially on school days, and I always listened to the radio while I was getting ready to start my day. I sang along to this song more times than I can count, and I will forever associate it with warm spring mornings, waiting at the bus stop, certain illegal activities that don't need to be internet-detailed, teenage naivete, and carefree living.

That spring was the lead-in to the best summer of my adolescent life. Everything changed for me that fall, when my parents divorce finally started rolling along. Things got off track, people moved in different directions, and life in my family and circle of friends would never be the same. But just for that summer, that one, glorious summer, we were free to do as we pleased. We were teenagers who knew everything, we would be bestest friends forever, and we were unfreakingstoppable. Or we were just really stupid, depending on how you look at it :)

In case it's not obvious, that's me on the left with the green shirt. Two girls to my right is my high school best friend. We lost touch after we graduated, and I miss her dearly. Two more girls over is Kate, who I'm still friends with. We thought fate had brought us together. And of course, the boy that I'm standing next to was my boyfriend at the time. We were going to be together 4-eva. Oh, to be 15 again. Sigh.

Thanks for playing! As long as all goes as planned, next Monday I will be a Marathoner! In honor of the cheesiness littering my running playlist, the theme for next week is A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure.

* Please don't forget to include your link on the link list! I know there were two of you who played along and didn't add your blog.


  1. DMB was a favorite of one of my daughters and I have a few songs. I can't help but think of the dumped raw sewage in Chicago that was charged against the band but really was the fault of a really dumb bus driver. Looks like this song took you back to High School.

  2. ah, I remember that story quite well. Did you know they also have a Ben & Jerry's flavor? Magic Brownies. Tasty stuff.



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