Monday, April 11, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Week 2

Welcome to Week Two of the 30 Day Song Challenge! This week's topic is "A Song from your Childhood."

Missed last week's post? Come catch up!

All week long, I planned on featuring Supertramp's Goodbye, Stranger in this post. It was a big favorite of ours growing up and conjures up memories of sunny Sunday mornings spent hanging out barefoot on the deck enjoying chocolate milk and sunny-side-up eggs while the 'rents enjoyed their morning coffee and cigarettes. It was like a tradition, dad would break out the record (yes, RECORD) and we would hang outside for a bit before it was time to really start the day. The Breakfast in America album always reminds me of lazy Sunday mornings. (side note: How sad is it that one of my students didn't believe me when I told him that Gym Class Heroes' "Take a Look at my Girlfriend" wasn't really an original song? He thought I was making stuff up.) It was also how we learned about Kippers and Eggs. So that was going to be my song. But then this morning, I sat down to write the post on this sunny Sunday morning (85 freaking degrees, but who really needs spring, anyway?), and suddenly I realized that I was heading down the wrong path.

The song that best reminds me of childhood has to be Cool for Cats, by Squeeze. I'm really just replacing one British rock band with another. What's the difference, anyway? We had the Squeeze albums AND a Squeeze VHS tape. We watched the tape a ridiculous number of times, and Cool for Cats was, by far, the favorite. We used to absolutely rock out to that song, dancing around the living room, pretending to be those super cool girls with the awesome 70s sunglasses in the video. (Truth be told, sometimes we still do.) I think I had a pre-teen crush on Chris Difford, just because of this song.

I did manage to unearth the actual video that we used to watch (YouTube is amazing, isn't it?). You'll see the Squeeze jackets and the giant red sunglasses that we thought were just so freaking cool. The VHS tape is still around, I believe currently in the possession of little sister, but none of us even own a VCR anymore.

And OMG, I just learned that this is a Rock Band song. So what friend of mine has Rock Band and wants to have me over??

Just in case you'd like to hear the Supertramp song, here's a video of them performing it live, including some super 70s stylin'. Check out the glasses on these guys.

To give you adequate time to prepare, next week's theme will be Your Favorite Cover Song.


  1. Maybe because I'm closer in age to your "rents", I prefer the SuperTramp song. It's possible the pattern of paying attention to new songs that I went through will happen to you. As a teen music became essential daily knowledge, then as a young married couple it tapered off, when our children approached their teens we couldn't help but notice and hear the new songs. I recall arguing with my daughter about how dumb the name "alternative music" was. It's now one of my favorite genres. So you might be surprised in what you'll be listening to in a few years. Your son probably won't call you a rent because they'll have a new term by then but he'll introduce you to new stuff. Thanks for taking us out to the rent's deck for breakfast.

  2. Hey lady! - I'm having a problem seeing the list of linked up posts. I'm not sure if it's just me.



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