Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Minor Discomfort

A friend of mine just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week. As with all matters of gossip and importance, details of her birth story started making the rounds.

Luckily for her, everything went quickly and smoothly. She was in labor for less than 12 hours, had a reasonable-size baby, and her pain was nothing more than some "minor discomfort."

"Minor discomfort?"

Did I get the short end of the stick in terms of labor pain?

My "minor discomfort" had me clawing at the car doors, screaming, cursing, and puking.

That epidural was sweet freaking relief.


  1. Minor discomfort? She's either lying or they gave her an epidural in the parking lot.

  2. Lucky girl. Although my mom said one of her cousins ENJOYED giving birth. Rumor has it she laughed thru the entire thing. All three times.

    Yeah. Not me.

  3. She is lying!!!!

    The epi was heaven in a needle.

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