Thursday, February 11, 2010

Power90 - Week 4

I can't believe it's only been 4 weeks. It feels like forever. I can recite almost every line from both videos now, including Tony's attempts at snarky comments. We missed one day last week because I was sick and I felt really guilty about it. I can tell that I'm still making progress because I've been able to bump up the weights on pretty much all of the exercises. Bicep curls with 8 pound dumbbells sounds weak, but when you consider that I've never been able to use much more than 4 it's a sign of obvious progress.

I still want to shake my fist and curse at him (actually, I do shake my fist and curse at him) when he reminds us that it's time to max out on our push-ups. I try until I can't even bend my arms anymore and then I try some more. Still mostly girly push-ups though, but that's ok for now. The workout buddy system is a big help. We're able to motivate and push each other and correct each other's form. We're still planning to start P90X on March 1 and I'm really looking forward to the change. Definitely not ready yet, though!


  1. I am just in awe of you guys. I can't believe you're on week 4 already, either! I wonder if fat and out of shape people like Tom and I can pick up something like this, or would you recommend something easier?

    Congrats to you guys for sticking with it and forging ahead.

  2. I've done the original P90, well, I actually own it. I should do it again because it does work. Anyways, Tony is a dork, his comments always made me cringe. I wonder if he makes the same kinds of weird comments in P90X. You will have to let me know. I'm not sure who annoys me more, Jillian or Tony, haha.



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