Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hump Day Bump Day

Another week, another crappy selfie mirror pic. This is HDBD in St. Louis! Excuse the cranky look on my face. I went to the hotel gym at 6 yesterday and every.single.piece of cardio equipment was occupied. I went at 5 this morning to guarantee myself a spot on a bike - I'm taking full advantage of being able to get in some no-impact cardio. 60 minutes on the recumbant bike isn't quite as taxing from a cardio perspective, but my legs certainly enjoyed it.

I'd say that the king-sized bed I had all to myself was nice, too, but I didn't sleep well thanks to nosebleeds. I actually snored so loud that I woke myself up, as I mentioned yesterday.

I've reached bowling ball status - I officially can't physically bend over to tie my shoes.

Yay for going home today! A full day early, and I'm so thankful.


  1. Nosebleeds - that's problem I have not heard related to pregnancy.  Of course, maybe it's not.  Time and in-room wi-fi you must have plenty of posts written.  Selfie - I've never taken one.  No duckface - that's good. 

  2. You look effing amazing, Jene!



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