Tuesday, March 19, 2013

31 Weeks - Pineapple

Who doesn't love a pineapple?


How far along: 31 weeks. Holy cow.

Total weight gain: 24ish

Stretch marks: We've already covered that.

Sleep: Charlie spent his first night on the couch last week. First night ever on the couch in the history of our relationship. Apparently, I snore.

Exercise: Holy shit I ran the half marathon. It hurt. More details to come, probably tomorrow, when the feeling in my foot has returned.

Movement: There are a lot of cervix jabs going on. Very unpleasant. That and she's back to breech, so I'm very unexcited by that. I did get a surprise ultrasound to verify the position, though, so that was nice!

Food cravings: I could eat.

Happy or moody most of the time: Excited to get these last 10 weeks over and done with!

Looking forward to: Still no progress on the moby or sling. I'd really like to get those done at some point. Still have a lot of organizing to do, which is something I love.

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