Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I like Nutella on my Wafflehs

Sunday morning in our kitchen:

Me: Ok, are you ready to go to the Waffle place?

Charlie: Yes! I love waffles!

Me: Charlie, do you know how to say 'waffles' in Spanish?

Charlie: Wafflehs! (waff-lays)

Me: Really? That doesn't sound right. Let me Google it. (what did we do before smartphones and the internet?!)

:: checks google - sees 'wafflehs' - grumbles that can't be right. waff-lays? what the hell kind of spanglish is this? checks more google links ::

Me: Ok, Charlie, it looks like you can say 'wafflehs,' but there's also another real word for it - 'gofres'

Charlie: No, mom, it's 'waflehs.' You're WHACK!

Me: Did you just call me 'whack?!'

Charlie: Yeah, like in the Jumping song. Wiggity whack!

Maybe it's time to reevaluate the MP3s we've loaded onto his radio.

Bonus 90s points if you can name the song: And everything is the back with a little slack, cause inside-out is wiggity wiggity wiggity whack!


  1. I do not think of waffles in Spanish.  I suspect waffles were introduced to Spanish speaking people as waffles.  To me it's like asking how do you say spaghetti in English.  Probably a Belgium explorer looking for the legendary city of Chocolate bribed information from them with waffles.  Spanish waffles - that could be a new menu item and maybe a post idea.  thanks - oh thanks to Charlie too.  Tell him to never waffle in discussions with his mom.

  2. Kriss Kross will make ya jump! Jump!

  3. Love that he called you whack!

  4. Everything about this situation is awesome.



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