Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Sixteen!

Cheer Cincinnati, Cincy will win!
Fight to the finish, never give in!
You do your best, boys, We'll do the rest, boys!
Onward to victory!

Go Red! Go Black! Goooooo Bearcats, fight fight fight!

Even Charlie's school is getting into the spirit - the director brought in her giant inflatable Bearcat. I'm so proud of my little fan, he ran right over and said "Mom! Look! It's Lucy the Bearcat!" (did you know that's her name? the real Bearcat at the Cincinnati zoo?)

I'm feeling smug right now, because even though the rest of my bracket is pretty much busted, I had my Bearcats going to the Sweet Sixteen. I hope they can beat OSU tonight and bust the rest of my bracket. I'd be totally ok with losing the pool in spectacular fashion if it means we'll be seeing the Elite Eight this weekend!

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  1. Ohio State not a big favorite around your home I'm sure.  Hey I browsed over here because I just read this SA article and wondered if it related to your work with data.



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