Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Baseball is Here!

It's here!

I can tell by that familiar knot growing in my stomach as the innings tick by. I feel somewhat better knowing that AJ is out of the rotation, but the postseason just wouldn't be the postseason without that slight edge of fear. I stay up laaaaaaaaaaate to watch those games, and there's nothing worse than staying up way past my bedtime and spending the whole next day dragging ass if my team doesn't pull off a win.

Just take the first three games and move onto the ALCS. I would like to limit the amount of time that I spend with my head under the couch.

My biggest escape trick is to listen to the games on the radio when they're scary or when we're losing. That's how I spent game 7 of the infamous 2004 ALCS collapse (not that it matters, but the ESPN special they're running tonight on "4 Days in October" is just salt in the wound. Yes, still, 6 years later). It makes slightly less painful to witness a complete systems failure. I'm also guilty of watching without the volume. It's like having two senses bombarded by the game is just too overwhelming, and the anxiety is lessened if I'm just watching or just listening. I don't usually admit to this, but I've also been known to leave the room completely when the other team is up at bat.

Yes, I'm crazy. And that's ok. It will all be worth it in the end, when this becomes reality:

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  1. I don't think you're crazy at all! Unless my team is winning by a comfortable margin, no matter the sport, I am totally guilty of turning off sound, leaving the room, etc.

    A few years ago when the Bengals were in the playoffs, I was so scared I actually went to Kroger's during the game. I missed Carson Palmer blowing out his knee as a result.

    I suppose that makes me a weird kind of fan, but I can completely identify with how you are on the edge of your seat with nervousness.

  2. As a fellow baseball freak....I mean fan.....I completely understand. The anxiety can sometimes seem overwhelming. It's this time of year that I wait for all season. And I get very little sleep every October because I watch every single game. I actually enjoy listening to a game on the radio more so than watching on TV.

    Yanks and Phils take game 1. Could there be a rematch of last year?



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