Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments is brought to you by Mrs4444!

Mommy's Idea

I went 5 days without the interwebs while we were on vacation. I guess that's not technically 100% accurate, since I did have my droid and used it to send around a few Charlie pictures and to search for a good place to eat. No news, no blogs, no message boards. My Google Reader has 818 unread posts :|

Since we didn't want to connect to the internet, we spent our evenings drinking wine and cider and playing board games, including a fabulously outdated version of Trivial Pursuit Junior.

How fun is that?

We also played hours worth of Uno, including a variation where you play all of your cards face-up, which was surprisingly difficult. But still fun. We ended up making our own hybrid game based on the suggestions at this site.

I made the best Pumpkin cookies EVER last night. I knew they were going to be amazing because the dough tasted pretty good and the house smelled like christmas while they were baking, but I didn't know just HOW awesome they were going to be. They're like miniature cakes and VERY tasty. Better pictures and recipe coming soon, I promise. For now you can just envy me.

I can't wait to take Charlie out trick-or-treating this week! And not just because I get to be the candy tester, either. He really "gets it" this year and had a ton of fun at the zoo's HallZOOween party.

If there's any doubt just how much he loves candy, check out his smile showing off his chocolate witch lollipop from the candy shop in Williamsburg.

Here's a sneak preview of Charlie as Brobee.

Office QOTW

Michael (asking the Ouija board): What is Daryl?
Erin (as the Ouija thingy scrolls over the letters): A-S-S-H... No! No!

I picked this one in honor of Halloween and because I was all about the Ouija board when I was little. I was 100% terrified of it, but it showed up at every slumber party, anyway. Does anyone else remember being told that it was a thing of the devil and that you couldn't throw it out? Those urban legends about the kids who broke it in half and tossed it in the trash, only to find it back in one piece and right under the bed? **shivers**

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Enjoy the halloween. Thanks for posting with FF.

    Great office quote. I actually live 30 minutes south of the real Scranton, PA! We're big office fans round here.

  2. I can't believe how big Charlie is getting! What a cutie pie. You're going to have a ball trick-or-treating :)

    Even scarier than the devil is trying to SPELL Ouija board!

  3. Welcome back. You were as absent as the Yankees and Phillies offenses.

    Love playing Uno. It's a staple around here.

    I remember using the Ouija board. I can still recall some of the questions we would ask it. And some of the answers came true. Yikes.

    Enjoy Halloween with Charlie, and don't eat all the candy.

  4. good to be offline every so often. I enjoyed Trivial Pursuit and I don't understand why it dropped from popularity. I guess that's what fads do.
    The Charlie pic - tell me he is NOT texting



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